Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Alpnach Open Day 2014

Late Friday afternoon we pass by Meiringen air base, the low sun catching the Autumn trees, we are on route to Alpnach, for the Swiss Airforce open day, celebrating fifty years of the airfield. Being in Switzerland at the time a small diversion seemed in order.

Unfortunately Saturday morning at Alpnach, found mist shrouding the airfield and surrounding mountains. Not at all  adequate for good photography. I like to use an ISO, of 100 and at  that I was unable to achieve a speed above 1/60! I used a Canon EOS. 1D, Canon 600mm f4 and 100-400 f4.5 5.6.

The show program flown in the morning and repeated with slight variations in the afternoon. On the ground two visitors from Germany UH 1d 73+28 and CH53 84+97. In the maintenance hangers a Slovenian Cougar.

A mix of AS332M-1, AS532UL and EC635PL+ Helicopters and PC-6 PC-21 fixed wing aircraft take part in the display. 

All flared out, the morning display only.

Old and modern, and the first glimpse of the mountains!

PC-6 V634 during the afternoon flypast.

PC-21 Watch those trees!

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